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Dear resident,

After several years in development, all the funding has been secured and works are due to start soon on the construction of the new skatepark on Kippax Common Recreation Ground.

The £158,000+ project is being led by Kippax Parish Council, in partnership with Groundwork Leeds and Leeds City Council, although the works are to be contract administrated by Groundwork Leeds as the overall project manager.

The works are due to start on Tuesday 6th June, running right through June and July, and should be finished by 4th August 2017. The contractor is Wheelscape Limited, undertaking the works under a design-build contract between 7.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

The site access for the works will be to/from Green Lane at the south western corner of Kippax Common. This means that between June and August, works vehicles and delivery wagons will be entering and leaving Kippax Common via this Public Bridleway on a daily basis in order for Wheelscape Ltd. to construct the new Kippax Skate Park.

On each working day there will be a couple of works vans entering the site on a morning and leaving on an evening, with possibly one van making a trip at lunchtime. However, there will be additional delivery/removal vehicular movements (routed via Westfield Lane) as follows:

First week – 1 lorry per day (fencing, containers and welfare)
Second week – Approx. 5 lorries per day, spread during the day for 5 days (stone)
Third week – Approx. 1 lorry per day if at all
Fourth week – 1 or 2 lorries per week
Fifth week – 1 to 3 lorries per day (concrete)
Sixth week – 1 to 3 lorries per day (concrete)
Seventh week – 1 to 3 lorries per day, concrete
Eighth week – 1 lorry per day (clear site)

There will be appropriate warning signs and information signs on Green Lane and there will be 1 or 2 banksmen for each vehicular movement, depending on the type of vehicle. The Public Bridleway part of Green Lane will remain open and Wheelscape Ltd. will ensure that the safety of the users of the Public Bridleway will be protected at all times during the works.

Residents should be unaffected by the vehicular movements, but if you are interested in the works as they progress, by all means, have a chat with the Site Foreman. However, if you would like to obtain, or relay, any specific information about the works and/or the overall project, please contact the Contract Administrator, Dale Woodcock CMLI (Senior Landscape Architect) on (0113) 2380601 (Ext.3) or by email to

Groundwork Leeds, Environment & Business Centre, Merlyn-Rees Avenue, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9SL Issue date: 1st June 2017