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You can view the Neighbourhood Plan at Kippax Post Office, the Hub (Library) and Kippax Leisure Centre as well as online.

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The Tour De Yorkshire is coming through Kippax again this year!! Watch this space for details.




Shortly we will all be receiving our 2019/20 Council Tax from Leeds City Council. 

Details will be posted when available. 



Official press release .
The Primary Care Commisioning Committee (PCCC) makes decisions on how Leeds Clinical Commisioning Groups (CCGS) partnership plans and commissions primary care services.
ON Tuesday Jan 24th the committee accepted the resignation from the current provider, Radshan Medical Centre, Kippax and agreed to disperse the list amongst local practices.
Dr Simon Stockill, medical director of NHS Leeds CCG'S partnership said, we looked at the current practice premises which have limited functional capacity to offer a wide range of services to the registered population now and in the longer term. the committee made a decision to go with list dispersal because we feel it is the best option for the registered population.
We will undertake an engagement with the registered population to ensure they get the services they need, and to address any concerns arising out of list dispersal.
The practice and the CCG will be wrtiting to all households registered with the practice to formally inform them of the decision and the next steps.

What does this mean in terms of patients .
  This will mean that " the Practice PLC" will end the contract on 30 April 2018
  This will mean that 1916 patients will have to find another practice to provide GP cover.
  The Primary Care Estates Strategy ( Jan 2017) suggested a co location of practices in Kippax to consolidate estates in the area, Kippax has two larger practices providing services to the local population.
   The primary care operational group reviewed the situation at Radshan centre at its meeting in November 2017 and following discussions, the recommendations were
1   the  preferred option is for list dispersal due to the availability of surrounmding practicesand limited capacity of the current building.
2   Undertake informal discussions with local providers and key stakeholdersto inform the decision at PCCC
3    needs to accept the formal resignation from the current provider.

Communicate formaly with the current provider the outcome of the decision by PCCC

Commence work  with the communication and engagement team to support the outcome through an engagement excersise, which would follow similar approach to that of York Road closure.

Conduct further discussions with local providers individually and collectively as a locality in preparation for the end of the contract .

The Parish Council was given a copy of the press release and of the agenda from the NHS LEEDS CCG'S Primary Care commissioning Committee agenda for the meeting of the 24th Jan 2018 . Prior to this we were not consulted .

  Councillor D Morley 31/01/2018



 Like walking? 
There are packs of leaflets showing local walks on sale in the Post Office for £2.
Good exercise in the fresh air - what could be better?



Following the approval at the councils Executive board on Wednesday 14th December 2016 the sport and active Lifestyles service is starting a programme of consultation to support a feasibility report into the re-provision of a swimming pool within the Kippax catchment area. this is an exciting opportunity to help the service identify what our customers would like to see included within a new facility.

We are keen for our customers, in the first instance, to e-mail their thoughts and views on the re-provision of a swimming pool within the Kippax catchment area. This is an exciting opportunity to help the service identify what our customers would like to see included within a new facility.

It is our intention as  consultation develops throughout 2017 to provide draft indicative plans to help bring to life  how the new centre could look.

The e-mail address is:

Please note that there will be further opportunities to provide your views as this project develops

Following the executive board approval at the above meeting , due to the pressing need to make immediate savings in the Councils budget in 2017/18, the hours of operation at KIPPAX LEISURE CENTRE will be reduced to 59.25 hours per week with effect from April 1st 2017

Please note the new operating hours below

                        Monday                 1.00pm   ---  8.45pm
                        Tuesday              12.30pm ---   10.30pm
                        Wednesday           1.00pm ---   10.30pm
                        Thursday             12.30pm ---   10.30pm
                        Friday                  12.30pm ---     9.30pm
                        Saturday                7.30am ---   
                        Sunday                   8.30am ---    1.30pm

We appreciate that the change in hours will be disappointing for some of our customers. However we sincerely hope that the new programme and alternatives provided at neighbouring centres helps to reduce the overall impact on our customers. 
Thank you for your continued support.   The full programme list can be obtained from the Pool .

LS25 7LY


Monday: 10am – 5pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm Self Service Only
Wednesday: 9am - 5pm Self Service Only
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm Self Service Only

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New bus service

We have a new bus service, number 22, which runs between Tesco at Seacroft and Morrisons at Rothwell. For more information and a timetable please click here.


Site Allocations 
Leeds City Council have prepared a 16 year development plan for the whole of the city, including Kippax. To find out more go to


Bus Route Changes 

For changes to the 174 bus route and timetable, please click here
Bin Collections
To find out your bin collection arrangements go to  and check
the " find my bin collection " page .  You will need your postcode . Brown bin collections begin again in early March.
The SAFER Project has now launched in Leeds & Bradford district. SAFER is funded by The Big Lottery Fund and is being delivered by West Yorkshire Trading Standards. Over the next 2 years SAFER aims to raise the awareness and provide adults aged 55+ with the knowledge, confidence and skills to protect themselves against rogue traders, scammers and fraudsters. For more details of this scheme please contact Carrie Wilson 0113 3939809
The NHS has rolled out a scheme whereby all males over 65 can have an Abdominal Aortic Aneurism screening.
This involves having some Gel put on your chest and then it is scanned to check your main artery.            
An abdominal aortic aneurism can occur  if the wall of your aorta ( the main blood vessel that supplies blood to your body) gets weak and starts to expand. The condition can be serious however screening can detect an aneurism early.
For more details contact your GP or ring 0113 2063640 ( Central Yorkshire AAA Screening Programme
Non emergency telephone number for the Police: