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You can now tweet directly to us from our home page. Look underneath the map.

We now have a specific email address for you to send any articles for publication in the magazine. It is 

We also have three ladies who are looking forward to receiving them

Mrs Joy Bate          and      Cllr. Mrs Diana McEwan     and           Mrs Val Laycock
247 Gibson Lane                       14 Brecks Lane                            62, Leeds Road
Kippax                                        Kippax                                         Kippax

If you have any comments or wish to contribute an article or advert for the next issue please contact us:
                            before Mid October at the latest for the December issue
                           or before mid January for the March Issue
                           or before mid April for the June issue
                           or before mid July for the September issue.

Should you wish to advertise in the magazine the cost is as follows
For black and white   £90.00  full page, £50.00 half page, £30.00 quarter page
For colour                £120.00  full page  £65.00 half page  £40.00 quarter page
Should you want the outside back page, prices for colour are £150.00,  £80.00,  £45.00

Please note that these prices have not changed since the magazine began in 2005. What a bargain!
Should you wish to place an advert then please contact Mrs. Joy Bate 2866814